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Peter Musk new Album White Noise River
Peter Musk – Musican

— About the Artist

Peter Musk

„It’s me again, listening, dreaming, dancing in my heart as you sing. I see us, you and your guitar me and my heart dancing, bursting for all to see. Your voice makes me believe the implausible can be real.“ – Youtube comment.

Who is this talent and how can he create this musical connection to humans? Born in 1993, Peter Musk was raised in a family of musicians. As an adult, he moved into the bavarian mountains for a sculptor apprenticeship. Besides his extraordinary sculptors and artworks, he already wrote his first songs at the age of 15, which transport listeners into another world and which he releases on YouTube and Instagram. Various musical cultures are blended into an unique style. Besides the internet, you can also find Peter Musk in the real life: On solo concerts, as a singer and guitarist in various constellations or on jazz sessions. Let‘s see where he will be next.

— About the new Album

For Peter Musk and his small but creative team, the 16th of December feels a little like christmas. A new album has been published, as diverse as this crazy year in which they worked on it. Influences of jazz and soul mix up with woofs of oriental and northern european folk music. The chased voice of Peter pulls through the landscapes of arrangements of Jonathan Dintner & Felix Lau like a golden thread. Is this already pop music or still singer-songwriter music? Start the journey and decide for yourself.

Peter Musk Musician